Pleased with cozy and warm results.

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5. Living room.BEFORE.PWSWhen I contemplated the project of painting our living room and dining room I was overwhelmed.  I had done lots of painting myself…picking the colors and doing the job for small bedrooms and bathrooms.  But the living room was going to be too big for me…vaulted ceilings!  I knew it would require professional painters and that would be expensive.  This time, I could not afford to my usual “pick a color, slap it on…oops do-over” routine.  I called upon Cathy Rivers for advice.  Her suggestions were wonderful.  She took into consideration all of our existing furniture and artwork and our beautiful views and made it all look spectacular.  Cathy gently coaxed my skeptical mind into seeing with her artist’s eye…and we are very pleased with the dramatic but cozy and warm results.  I am especially grateful for the help in placing artwork after the painting was done.

Lyons, CO

5a. LvRm.AFTER.PWS.1.11



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