How Design Colors the Mind: “Drunk Tank Pink”

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Dallas County jail painted “Drunk Tank Pink”

CBS Sunday Morning did a presentation on it’s May 19, 2013 program focusing on the use of color design and its effects on people in some unlikely spaces- jails and football locker rooms. Although color affects each of us differently,¬† scientists and color experts believe the way we perceive certain colors can change our mood and behavior.
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Jails painted “Drunk Tank Pink” calm inmates and reduce aggressive tendencies. Visiting teams using football locker rooms¬† painted pink feel weaker.

Pink living room by Martha Stewart.

Pink living room by Martha Stewart.

Pink is currently showing up in some surprising interior spaces beyond little girls’ rooms. Using color in new ways is a simple way to add energy and refresh rooms that have gotten a little too predictable. It’s important to consider the mood you want to create in each of your living and working spaces when choosing a color plan.
Where would you use pink?
I’d love to help you create a palette for your home or business that makes it feel the way you want it to.

Click here to read the entire CBS Sunday Morning article. (Color section in second part.)

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Modern, edgy dining room.


Elegant pink bathroom.

Elegant pink bathroom.

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