Shut the front door! Thinking about color.

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GI. painting grey doorOne of the most overlooked but easiest ways to bring a little pizzazz to your home’s exterior is to select a distinctive and inviting color for the front door. It adds personality, curb appeal and creates a welcoming focal point, much like a nice scarf or tie completes an outfit. Even the boxiest little “plain Jane” house comes alive with a little thought to accenting the front door. It’s important to consider other fixed exterior elements, such as brick or stone, roof color, sidewalks and pavement, even landscaping, in addition to the existing siding and trim colors. They should all “play well together”, creating a harmonious whole. 6-16-08T.Zirkle,Prospect,trucks,barn236Because it occupies much less overall space than the siding or other trim colors, you can afford to step up the color intensity (“chroma”) a little if that appeals to you. If your taste is more conservative, even painting a door black or a deep, smokey gray adds elegance and drama.  Consider the finish or sheen; a semigloss or glossy door sets it apart from the rest of the house. Always test colors first prior to painting. One or two swatches right on the door near the trim is OK; avoid doing so many that all the colors just start fighting. Put them on separate boards. For best results, repair, sand and prime first. It’s a good time to consider replacing worn or outdated hardware and adding accessories, like topiary bushes in pots or a nice bench. A friendly new idea is placing a press on transfer word greeting, like “hello”, on the door. You may even want to bring the color around to the interior face. Ideally, the front door color also ties in to the adjacent interior colors.GI. modern.modern orange door.entry
What does your front door say about you?

Call me if I can help you choose a color that says “Welcome!” front door. grey house






GI. EggPlant-Front-Door. lt gray



GI. teal trim




















GI. Orange-Door-and-Hello-Vinyl

GI. teal front door 2

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  1. Ann Barkley says:

    Hello Cathy,
    I recently moved from Fort Collins, CO to Topeka KS. What a contrast! I need something to liven up my taupe house with a white front door. Would you be so kind to tell me what color and manufacturer you used for the teal front door with slate floor?

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