Thinking outside the box: color, materials and space planning

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Main photo.BICOM-Office-Jean-de-Lessard-1Of the design blogs I subscribe to, Design Milk Daily Digest, is one of my favorites, always presenting the cutting edge in design and designers with zest and ZAP! I’m reposting the entry showing the Canadian Bicom Communications PR  agency’s newly redesigned office space, done by Jean de Lessard. (Posted by Caroline Williamson, Interior Design). de Lessard thinks ‘outside the box’, breaking up the rectangular, industrial space with cheery little ‘houses’ or pods, set at angles (see floorplan), like a small village, designing  fun, unique, distinctive spaces conducive to creativity and interaction. The designer wisely keeps the color palette and materials sign.BICOM-Office-Jean-de-Lessard-6-600x900simple, modern: white, black; wood and glass, exposed cement flooring; with color accents of rich leaf green and fresh orange. The black walls appear to be painted in ‘chalkboard’. Probably my favorite surprise is the ‘grass’ house, covered with artificial turf (normally thought of for outdoor flooring) on the walls, roof and interior. I also love the Bicom sign, lit with Hollywood bulbs. The fun, surprise and whimsical elements combine with functionality to create a fabulous workspace. It puts a smile on your face when you walk in the door, whether you’re an employee or client. It sets the fresh, yet professional tone for the company immediately. Complete antithesis of the standard pale, boring, institutional work place of old.

How might you take some inspiration here and apply it to recreating your home interior or work place?
Keys: limited but modern color palette; mix natural and man made flooring and materials, textures, used in fresh applications; elements of fun and surprise; creative floor plan.
Think outside the box.

I’d enjoy being a part of your team on your next interior (or exterior) color project.indoor.outdoorCarpet.wall covering.BICOM-Office-Jean-de-Lessard-9
I can also assist with selecting integrating flooring and surface materials, accessories and space planning. Let’s talk about it.





office plan. BICOM-Office-Jean-de-Lessard-12-600x630










BICOM lighted sign.-Office-Jean-de-Lessard-4-600x900     Glass house.BICOM-Office-Jean-de-Lessard-3










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