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Interior, exterior. Residential, commercial.

Color design services for homeowners, interior designers, architects, developers and contractors.

Goodbye, ‘contractor white‘.
Do you suffer from “chromophobia” (playing it safe with an off-white because you fear making the wrong color choice)? All those tiny color chips can be overwhelming.
Expert, supportive color design help is just a phone call away.
My experienced, objective ‘eye’ can help streamline the color selection process, saving you time, stress and money by getting it right the first time in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere. I am committed to finding successful solutions to your color challenges, providing balanced and harmonizing color palettes tailored to your preferences and lifestyle.
Let’s talk about your project today.

Color accounts for 60% of our response to places and things. It sets our mood, enriches our lives and directs our choices from greeting cards to appliances to spaces we inhabit.

Color is highly personal; we’re drawn to colors that make us feel good or connect us to our positive experiences and associations. Yellow cabs, red stop signs, the “spring green” of freshly unfurled leaves, the purple cast on snowfall at dusk. Quiet or assertive, subtle or bold, soothing or stimulating, natural or man made, it permeates every aspect of our life experience and expression.  Color is relational, ever changing with the light, seasons, weather and environmental context.

Revitalize your home, commercial or business spaces with a fresh coat of color.
Paint, more than any other decorative element, dramatically impacts our living and working spaces
. It is the least expensive and most effective way to express style and add energy, transforming any environment. Painting breathes new life into a room, adds flair, protects the walls and highlights architectural details while hiding flaws.
For business or commercial applications, “Color sells. The right color sells better”, according to the Color Marketing Group. Color is an integral aspect of design, significantly impacting the quality of client/customer experience. The well-designed color palette tailored to your needs is a worthwhile investment: attracting clients; making workers happier and more productive; building brand identity; distinguishing you from competitors; helping to communicate your message.

Breathe easier and go green with a low- or no- VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint.

The Process
Prior to our first meeting, I email a Client Questionnaire which helps me get oriented to the scope of the project, and will help make the most of our time together.
At our first meeting onsite, I listen very carefully to understand my client’s lifestyle, color preferences, concerns, needs, and goals. Often, we’ll find a favorite painting, pillow or throw for a color direction. Intrinsic (existing) colors, such as trim, furnishings, flooring are considered in the overall scheme. For each room, we may produce several choices, including perhaps an accent wall, ceiling and trim. For one or two simple rooms, we can often make our initial wall color selection that day. From that point, I can provide larger painted color samples or you may want to do them yourself. It’s important to take this step to live with the colors a few days to see how they behave with your furnishings and light changes before making the commitment to paint.

For larger projects such as entire house interiors or exteriors, I’ll begin by taking reference photos. They help me develop a palette that unifies the whole home or business with a balanced, harmonious flow of color. I present the color palette at our second meeting; we make any necessary adjustments and proceed with the painted color sample boards, “brush outs”.

When final paint colors have been approved, I provide you (and your painter) with a Paint Palette Spec Sheet which details each color, finish and location (including a color chip for your reference) to which the painter can then refer. Color “mapping” directions, clarifying how paint colors will transition (wall to wall, room to room), are also provided.

Time ranges, estimates. One to two rooms, one color each room, can often be done in 1-2 hours. An entire house interior palette for an average home generally takes 4-8 hours, including site visits and studio time to develop the palette. Actual time needed for a specific project depends on how quickly homeowners make color decisions, are prepared with color references (flooring, furnishings, art, etc.); number of rooms, number of paint colors, color transitions and additional services (space planning, materials and furnishing sourcing, painter management, etc.)

I have a team of qualified professional painters I can recommend, if needed.


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