Does your living space reflect who you are, support the way you want to live? In these challenging times of transition and change, creating comfortable, relaxing, nurturing safe havens is especially important. The cumulative effect of living with the little things that just don’t work any longer – uncomfortable furniture, items needing cleaning or repair, awkward arrangements, odd odors, noises- on a daily basis impacts our relationships and quality of life.

We unconsciously “make do”, adjusting to cope with things or arrangements that no longer serve us. You deserve better.
Breathe new life into your living and work spaces.

Redesign, the art of rearranging furniture, art and accessories to improve flow and freshen up a space using mostly what you already own, is a budget- and green-friendly option. Redesign works for your current home or workplace as well as reconfiguring belongings for your new one.

I love working with people to create a new look: inviting, inspiring, dynamic yet comfortable, relaxing and practical, reflecting their personal style. Family treasures are incorporated with  furniture, accessories and appropriate lighting to produce a renewed, balanced space. Often, we may repurpose an item, devising a new function for an old piece, such as painting an old armoire to serve as a home office workstation.

My redesign clients are homeowners, business owners, property owners and managers and renters.

The Process
It’s therapeutic, rejuvenating to release the old, inviting new energy into your life. You may just need a quick “tweak” where we move, room by room, making adjustments as we go, “shopping” for items from another area to create new and pleasing arrangements. For larger projects, like a whole house makeover, our first meeting/consultation usually lasts one to two hours. I listen carefully. What do you love, dislike about the room or rooms? What is your vision for the outcome? How do you want to feel when you enter your space? How do you want the room to function? My “fresh eye” helps clients see the potential. After our assessment, a plan is made, establishing goals and priorities, considering timeline and investment range. We clarify what my role and yours will be in the process. I may make suggestions to replace items which have served their useful life. I can save you time with my many resources: shopping ideas (online and “brick and mortar”); quality service team associates (painters, feng shui consultants, handymen, carpenters, electricians, window washers as well as sales, donation and recycling options). I also offer space planning and service management.
If you’re ready to replace carpeting, flooring, tile, countertops, cabinetry, furnishings, accessories or lighting, I can assist with these materials choices to help create a cohesive look.