G.2 Living room.CloseupGetting ready to list your home for sale?  “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”,  as they say. Let me help you “accentuate the positive”, through home staging.
Staging is the process of decluttering and rearranging your furniture and accessories, creating an attractive, open, updated and inviting living space that potential buyers will envision as their home. My aim is to help you reach your goal of moving on by distinguishing your house from others in a similar price range, resulting in a quicker sale for the best price. Staged homes on average sell 40%  faster for 6% more. I can bring a fresh, objective eye, viewing your house as a prospective buyer would.  My clients are homeowners, realtors and property managers.  (Realtors often provide staging as a service to their clients.)

The process
I arrive at your home for a staging consultation ready to listen to your concerns, operate within your budget…and have fun in the process. Our goal is to depersonalize your home (removing family photos, collections, etc.) while setting the stage to create the “wow” factor, attracting new owners. Realtors will tell you the three most important factors to consider when selling a property are location, price and condition. Prior to arranging furniture and accessories, clutter must disappear, personal items and excess furnishings stored away. Landscaping, driveways, porches, decks, sidewalks and front entry conditions create the first important impression. Once inside, the condition of walls, flooring, appliances, lighting and plumbing draw attention. We address any maintenance or repair issues and identify items that need to be updated or replaced. I’m happy to recommend a professional from my dependable service team (remodelers, painters, handymen, electricians; carpet, window and house cleaners, etc.) if necessary.  Remaining items are rearranged, creating a fresh, harmonious and spacious feel. Often we can “repurpose” a piece to function in a different way. Little details, like a well-placed lamp or accent pillow go a long way, adding a splash of pizzazz.

I leave you with a Tips Checklist for reminders of things to do prior to showings.

Basic staging consultation
After a thorough viewing of the exterior and interior, I make a list of recommendations which I leave with you. This is a good option for those who’d like to do the work themselves.

Staging consultation plus
Beginning outdoors then proceeding inside, we work as a team, moving room by room, to make some of the changes as we go. (Heavier items such as furniture may require additional help.) I leave you with a list detailing what still needs to be done.
I can also provide the additional service of quality digital photographs for internet or sales listings.

Please note: I no longer stage vacant properties.