It’s like we have a brand new home.

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We didn’t know we needed a color specialist until my husband and I spent over 4 weekends choosing colors for our office.  The time, effort and money spent picking a color we thought we liked, painting the room, and disliking the outcome was incredibly frustrating.  When a neighbor recommended Cathy, we decided that it would be a better investment having someone with experience to help us build a color palette.  From the beginning, Cathy was thorough, organized and professional.  She spent time getting to know our vision. We wanted a rustic-elegant look, calm and serene feel.  She toured our home, took pictures, and listened to everything we wanted.  She noticed the built-ins, wood floors, furniture, rugs, bed linens and created a color scheme for the entire home that flows beautifully.  On the day the project started, she met the painters at our home and guided them through the ‘color-mapping’ plan. At the end of the project, we walked through the home together and she made sure we were happy.  The result is amazing.  It’s like we have a brand new home.  I highly recommend working with Cathy.  She saved us time, money and most importantly, we have a home that looks and feels exactly how we envisioned it.

Katie F.
Lyons, CO

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