Light tan is not always “neutral” on exteriors

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12. Exterior.BEFOREExterior color is seen in the context of its surroundings. This Lyons home, perched high and visible on a hilltop, is surrounded by red rock and Ponderosa pine. When first built, a light ‘default neutral tan’ paint color was applied. Because of its light ‘value’ (light to dark scale), it contrasted too much with its surroundings and seemed to float above its landscape. When it was time to repaint, we selected a fresh, more mid-value  green hue, which grounded the house and made it live more happily in its natural surroundings. We added some ‘pop’ trim color to tie into the sandstone detail and make it modern and fun for this young, active  family.  The foundation, previously bare gray concrete, was given a color to blend into the sandstone base.

12a. Exterior.After


F.3 5-09 .EDMONDS EXT.before

F.4 09Edmonds.EXT.After.doorCROP2

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