My house wasn’t working for me anymore

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt was late summer and about a year and a half after Marianne took her solo journey down that lonesome valley from which there is no return.  Sitting alone in the living room, it became increasingly apparent that my house was not working for me anymore.  There was just too much stuff, having spent over 30 years collecting things on our travels: paintings, sculptures, baskets, wall hangings, as well as pottery of hers and wood carvings of mine. It all just seemed to get clogged up now.  The house, a large geodesic dome, just didn’t flow anymore.  It wasn’t right, but I did not know how to fix it.
A lucky call to a friend recommended Cathy Rivers of Lyons.  She came over and we went from room to room surveying and thinking.  I was instructed to take everything off the walls and decide on 4 or 5 paintings that I couldn’t live without.  Also I was instructed to pick a theme for the living room out of the many eclectic collections acquired.  I decided on an Asian-Oriental theme and focused on this art.  Where the paintings were placed determined what colors the walls would become.  We decided to be bold and take risks, even if something had to be redone.  Nothing had to be redone and after painting and rearranging furniture, the place was actually transformed into a sublime, relaxing area.
Cathy’s expertise is matching colors and organizing the process that you go through to transform your place using the furnishings that you already have with very little need for new acquisitions.

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