Spring Has Sprung: 8 Budget-wise Tips to Rejuvenate Your Home

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Beyond Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung. Great time to take a good look around your home. Do you have a space in mind that needs some fresh energy? Below are some useful tips to get you going that won’t break the bank. Environmentally friendly, too.

1) Decide- what’s working? What’s not working? What changes might you coat rack.entry.purple.greenmake to best serve the purpose of the room today? What do you want to feel- relaxed, cozy, warm, welcomed? Is the space underutilized? Does it need a new ‘job description’? For example, turn an underused dining room into a library, with computer workspace.)

2) Eliminate clutter: pare down extraneous furnishings, accessories. Repurpose items and “shop your house” for things that might better serve your needs in this space. Identify new (or gently used) pieces you may need. Replace that old couch handed down from your aunt that nobody likes to sit in.
Buy an area rug or new window treatments to perk things up with color, texture and pattern.

3) Edit and rearrange art, photo collections and accessories by theme vintage photos.wicker seteefor maximum effect. (How many roosters do you really need to display in your kitchen?). Accessories are your ‘jewelry’ in a room, adding flair, personality and reflecting your style. Be selective; choose pieces that inspire you.
Invest in new art from local artists. Placing art in different locations creates new focal points and the fresh feeling of being in a brand new place.

4) Rearrange furniture. Make a space plan for furniture placement on graph paper or with home design software. Be mindful of traffic flow. Leave some walls and areas empty. Let your rooms ‘breathe’.

5) Add fresh wall color. Paint is the least expensive and most effective way to spring green master BRtransform a space, adding warmth, depth and new energy. Take a color cue from a favorite pillow or art work. Layer compatible colors when views extend to multiple rooms or open space plans. Accent walls spice up a room.
Place color on the ceiling, the ‘fifth wall’, for a dramatic touch. Breathe easy; use no-or low- VOC paints.

6) Give everything a good cleaning. Windows, carpeting, flooring, furniture, etc. Earth-friendly, non-toxic cleaners like vinegar, baking soda and citrus-based cleaners help everyone breathe better.

7) Bring in the light! Most people don’t have enough. Overhead lighting alone is harsh; makes things look drab. Create a lighting ‘triangle’ in the room. Replace outdated or broken fixtures. Use energy efficient bulbs. Dimmer switches can change the mood and create wonderful ambience.

8) Invite the outdoors in. A few healthy, well-placed plants add lush life to a desert-interior-decorating-theme-ralph-lauren-1room. Grow spring bulbs indoors to add subtle fragrance and accent color.

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